Tribute T669 4 Berth Motorhome Hire

4 Berth Motorhome Hire Staffordshire
  • 4 Berth

    2 Double Beds at the rear of the van in a bunk bed configuration, when not in use as beds the lower bunk converts in to a seating area and there is a permanent seating area at the front.

  • Kitchen

    Generously equipped with a fridge and freezer compartment, 4 burner hob, grill and sink

  • Bathroom

    Fitted with a shower and flushable cassette toilet, a novelty in a motorhome of this size.

  • Storage

    Ample storage space with a wardrobe, storage areas under the seats and various cupboards for your holiday essentials

At a shade under six metres long, the Tribute 669 is compact enough for everyday use but sufficiently spacious for four people to travel and sleep in comfort.

The key to this impressive flexibility lies in the innovative bed arrangement at the rear of the van, where the pull-together lounge seats quickly convert into a double bed and another removable double bunk bed sits above.

This space-efficient layout makes the most of the 669’s modest footprint, yet manages to pack in all the creature comforts of a larger vehicle – including a full shower and WC, practical kitchen and extendable dinette table

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